Monday, May 10, 2010

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Well, I suppose it has been a while since my last entry. A dear, sweet friend (*cough* blog stalker lol) kindly reminded me about this. I guess I lost track of time or got wrapped up in life or something. Honestly I don't know where my head is lately. My dad is fine, out of the hospital and recovering. My back has healed although I had gotten into an accident shortly after throwing it out and re-injured my back and sprained my knee and ankle and bruised my shoulder. ugh. Well it happens right?
But I am better now.
Well that issue I wanted to talk about in my last post...well ugh.
I had met a guy and he seemed nice at first. He was sweet and kind and respectful. We started out as great friends at first, but when he started to have feelings for me it got bad. He became jealous and possessive and bordered heavily on mental abuse. I jumped ship quickly. And he was causing trouble between me and some friends. It was hard to go through and I almost shut down completely but I had to just get through it. He threatened and scared me a couple of times and then acted like he didn't or down played it. It was horrible and I'm glad he's gone from my life.
Then I met an amazing guy. He's gorgeous, funny, smart and just great! We spent alot of time getting to know eachother and talked alot. Just great! The only problem is now he just views me as a good friend. I didn't really realize I liked him more than that until recently. He says he has trust issues with women and I can understand and respect that seeing as what has happened in his past. I think in a sense we all tend to have varying degrees of trust issues with people. *shrug* maybe I'm wrong. Oh well, he has been a good friend so I'm glad to have him in my life.
Otherwise, everything is well. I have no complaints and am hapy to be getting back into my work out routine after the short hiatus. It killed me not to be able to do any physical activity while injured. Yuck.

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