Friday, June 4, 2010

Life, again...

Well, here I am again, posting after quite some time has passed. Hopefully I'll be posting more often. I do have more free time on my hands now. Well the amazing guy I had met..
I fell in love and he died.
I am completely heartbroken. I have felt so lost lately and I cry alot. I know I will heal in time. This is by far the hardest thing I've been through. I will miss him terribly and thank my friend (one in particular) for being supportive.
R.I.P Buddy. I loved you. I really hope you knew that. And I really hope you meant it when you said you did too.

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Trixie Racer said...

I also had a boyfriend die. Death makes you very vulnerable for the vultures who prey on the weak. Please be careful. I wasn't and had a few horrible years afterward. :(