Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baked goods, Work, and a "Stairway"

Well, as is usual, not much going in my tiny little dot of the world.
That is, at least, until I fall asleep.
Yes, I had yet another strange dream.
Shocked? You shouldn't be. Ha!
Well, it started with me in a car, being driven to some unknown job by my ex (with whom I'm still friends with and rather close to). I'm sitting in the passenger seat holding a foil tray full of unknown goodies covered with foil. Written on top in big bold letters by a permanent marker: Property of Laurie. DO NOT EAT.
I'm not exactly sure what I'm wearing, except a denim jacket as I can at least see my arms a I'm gazing down at this tray. For some reason I feel a little bit like I'm not wanting to go to work. I look around out of the windows at the scenery as it passes me by. Everything outside is somewhat faded and old-looking, perhaps as if I'm looking at old photographs. Its all familiar as I drive through it all on an almost daily basis. My ex and I are somewhat silent. But that's the great thing about him, we can sit comfortably in silence. I reach over to turn up the radio and whatever we are listening to (because usually in the car I have my ipod plugged in) starts playing Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven". That is odd. For one, I do play my ipod while I sleep and have often had songs play into my dream. However, while I do have "Stairway" in my itunes playlist, I have yet to update my ipod so there's no way it can play into my dream. Secondly, I had been thinking about a different song as I was drifting off to sleep so I would've expect that song to be featured.
Back to the dream.
I look over at The Ex. He seems calm and relaxed as he's driving. I smile and resume gazing out of the window and listening to "Stairway". I love the song and I start feeling the way I usually do when I hear it. Its hard to describe the feeling. We arrive at my place of work and as I'm gathering my things while trying to  get out and not drop the tray I tell The Ex, "I think I'm going to listen to more Zeppelin today at work. Maybe even just some classic rock in general. I love this song." He chuckled and said "That should be good. Help ya relax some, hun. Have a good day, I'll pick you up later." We smile and I make my way inside this building with a seemingly unusual number of windows. I take an elevator to a higher floor. I'm first in whatever office I work in and I turn the lights on, while humming "Stairway", and make my way to my office (I've never had a job where I had my own office..bummer) and lay the tray of goodies on top of a mini-fridge. I start up my computer and attempt to find some of the music I said I'd listen to. I replay "Stairway" and continue going about setting up for my day. I started wiping down my desk (which is actually  norm for me to do this with desk jobs) with a Clorox wipe. Usually this is the routine: Wipe down the phone: receiver and buttons. Wipe keyboard: all of the keys. Wipe down the computer mouse, the buttons on the monitor, the gel wrist guard, and the surrounding areas on the desk. One of my co-workers shows up and asks if he should start the coffee, to which I happily answer "Yes!". We meet in the break room and talk as he makes coffee. I tell him I made brownies and they are in my office if he cares to have some with the coffee. We chit chat for a little bit and after I grab a cup, I head back to my office. The phone rings and I answer it and deal with whoever it is. I begin working on my comp, as people slowly start filtering in for the day. I begin checking email and dealing with calls. People also start coming in and out of my office, some for the brownies and others sit at my desk and we discuss various things.
And then I woke up.
It was so odd.
Well hopefully it just means I'll find a job soon. Oooooodd-ness!

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