Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I've had more than enough

Well, my whatever it was relationship ended. He was so cold and hurtful. So matter of fact about it all. I'm crying and upset, naturally. Time will heal. I'm positive. He can have his relationship with her that's even more unhealthy than he thought we were. At least I was supportive. I encouraged. I loved. I didn't steal his fucking rent money or his clothes or his sanity. But he stole my happiness and, well, my sanity. I've never felt more fucking crazy than I do now and when we were together.  Fucking never answering my texts or calls, leaving me hanging and worrying and feeling like I did something wrong. That bitterness in his voice right now killed what was left of my soul. You will miss me. You will regret that I'm gone.. You'll be stuck in a relationship with a woman you thought was better than me whom you quickly found out wasn't. She's comfortable to stay where she's not really wanted just because you'll go broke to give her what she demands because she has you cornered with fear. She has you wrapped around her finger even if you have a "I'm focusing on me" attitude because she doesn't care and neither do you. I know to you she's a warm body to sleep next to and fuck, but you don't care about her. That makes you a horrible person. .

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