Sunday, January 15, 2012

My brain is full...

Well, I know I've been "silent" lately. I actually have a lot going on. Though there are plenty of nights where I feel like banging my head on the wall and I thank Lady Max for helping restore my sanity/common sense/calmness during this private-for-now matter. I think listening to the sweetness in her voice, alone, helps a great deal.

So, besides work and such, I've been reading again. I bought a few books MONTHS ago that have gone untouched 'til now. Unfortunately with one, I started reading it only to find it was not as interesting as I initially thought it would be.
I've tried writing again, but alas, remained blocked. Ideas easily come only to flit away just the same.
I have been watching movies that make me laugh. A lot. So far 1) Office Space 2) Swingers --of course 3) Going the Distance... OK so all of these movies have Ron Livingston in them, I just realized. He is gorgeous though...very. I still have a thing for Adrien Brody the most. I don't know what that is...the aqualine nose, the scrawny yet masculine frame, the soft voice, the goofy expressions that say 'Hey, I'm human'. I'm workin' on figuring that out.

And then I've been thinking about my relationship history. I just want to finally bring it all out and deal with it and move the f*ck on. If you can, bear with me as I start this journey of self-healing through re-discovery. As mentioned, I've always been quite appreciative of all the wonderful support and feedback from the readers that remain :)

Ex #1
I was 18. He was 19. I thought he was so incredibly wonderful and he thought I was adorable and funny. It was the first time I had felt like I "connected" with someone. We had so much in common and, well, when you're young, the first time you "love" someone, you think the world is just beginning. The first few months were amazing. We laughed, we talked, we saw movies together, walked through bookstores together, and watched The Simpsons together over the phone. When we met, he had just gotten over his ex whom he caught sleeping with his roommate. We went away for a weekend to celebrate Valentine's day late (he was working and I was in college). After we checked-in to our hotel and got settled in our room, he pulled out a heart-shaped Ring Pop, got down on one knee and proposed to me. After saying 'yes', he kissed me and told me that he would give me the real ring I deserved when he could afford to. I said I didn't care about that. We cuddled in bed and talked of our future. He asked if we could start a family right away. He was looking forward to having children with me. We both hoped they were fiery red-heads like him. That night he became the first person I gave myself to. It was a big deal for me.
About a month or so later, he stopped coming around and calling as much. When we talked, he seemed distant, tired, depressed and just like he was having a hard time. He started working two jobs and didn't have much time...apparently to the point where he just disappeared without warning. I called and called never to get a response and after about a week and a half, I realized there was no finding him again.
OK, not so dramatically, I did find him again a few years later while dating the guy I started dating after him, through the magic of Myspace. I sent him a message basically saying: "Hi, remember me?"
He responded with a longer message apologizing for what he did. Supposedly he fell on really hard times, the kind where even working two jobs still wasn't keeping him on his feet. I became friends with the girl he was dating then (later, she would become his wife). She didn't know he and I were exes, and one day she began opening up to me about problems they were having, she was worried because he extensively cheated on every girl he dated. When they started seeing each other, he apparently gave her a break-down of his past. She even described his and my relationship and the sordid details of his affairs...which he had slept with someone before AND after proposing to me. Yup, my first 'love' didn't really love me. Even though it hurt to find that out, I was happy I moved on. 

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Trixie Racer said...

Years ago I kept attracting bad men. They were fun, exciting, whirlwind romances which left me broken.

In 2009, I found a really helpful website about sociopaths and realized that all the unhealthy relationships I had fit this mold!! I spent hours and hours reading women's stories, learning the signs, and how to escape. If drama and intensity are key in your relationships, you may have fallen into victim-mode too.