Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh That I Wish I Could Breathe

I know I'll never be able to say "Thank you" enough to everyone who has offered such amazing and appreciated support for what I was going through. I feel blessed to have found such wonderful people here

Its another day.

Ugh, its still supposed to be "Winter", right? I hate when its mild because then the allergens creep into the air prematurely and next thing I know I'm laying out the welcome mat for stuffy nose, itchy eyes, dry mouth, sore throat... I know right now I feel as if I might get a migraine. There's A LOT of sinus pressure that's lasted pretty much all day. Made for fun times at work. Fun fun times. Maybe I need a change of scenery...

I'm exhausted! But happy to be sleeping regularly again. Proof that there is an upside to everything, even if I don't feel it...yet.


Just Two Chicks said...

You do need a change of scenery! Come to Dallas! :) Of course that may not help with your allergies, since the weather is much the same here as what you described.

I want to go up north... New York!! If I need peace though, it the mountains or the ocean... I love the sound of the waves, and the sound of the mountain pines blowing.

Ahhh, now I need a change of scenery! :)

I'm glad you're sleeping at night... now to work on happiness... true happy moments without an ounce of sadness in them. Start off small and take pride in each moment!

Velvet_Heaven said...

Oh my! I haven't been to Dallas since I was a child, but I loved it a lot :)

I would love the coast...maybe west coast...