Sunday, October 2, 2011

When Crazy has Issues

Its been awhile.
Things had been going ok, but I don't know. I'm having that feeling again that Sweetness might leave me. I had been so very happy with each day spent with him. And the same for him. One night, he even told me he wants to marry me.
But, then he said something last night, during a moment that should've been sweet and happy, and that has made me feel insecure. I'm sure he didn't mean anything by what he said. At the time I brushed it off and continued on, but thinking back upon it now, I feel a tightening in my chest. I actually want to cry thinking about it. And maybe I'm making it into a bigger deal than it is. Who knows. Last night, he also asked me if I was happy (despite all the other personal stuff happening). I told him I was and asked why he asked that. He said that he's scared that he doesn't make me happy. He doesn't know how much he does make me happy.
Ugh. I don't know.
I'm taking it as a bad sign that when I brought up that I'm having some issues, he said we'd talk and I've yet to hear from him. Last time I felt this way, things almost did end.
Maybe I'm just tired.

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Just Two Chicks said...

I think you're just tired... at least I hope so. I'm sorry things are such a struggle right now, and I hope it all levels out for you soon. :(