Friday, July 29, 2011

When a Twit Tweets

I became reacquainted with my twitter account. Holy hell, its depressing. I tweeted ALOT about Mr. X and...we'll leave it at that. Its kinda sad and funny at the same time. Its kinda a good thing I don't have any followers...
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Just Two Chicks said...

I need to start tweeting again too, but my life was/is so boring, it felt redundant. PLUS I would get so excited when I was notified of new followers, but they just ended up being automatic things that signed up a commercial type of account when you mentioned a key word. SO disappointing.

Probably about the time you were reading old tweets, I was going through a box the wife pulled out of the garage... it has been a box packed years ago, but she found it and guess what??? It was all of my stuff from exes. UGH!! I couldn't believe the things I came across and I was so very thankful the wife was back in the garage working. I had stuff to shred... wow I was dumb!!!

I'm going to follow your tweets! Um, if I can remember my password and stuff for mine :)

I hope you're doing better and maybe you have rain where you are?

Velvet_Heaven said...

Alas, no rain! I was so disappointed. TS Don gave us hope and then slapped us in the face before walking away.

I am doing better, thank you! Things are slooooowly being worked out. its still up in the air which way they'll go, but its getting moving along and that's all I wanted.

Oh my! I don't know what I would do with a box full of "Ex Files"! lol One reason I'm happy to have the tech that we do. Just highlight several messages and mass delete! Voila! All gone! :)

Thank you for following! I just loved twitter for short little thoughts that crossed my mind and wanted to quickly get em out

Just Two Chicks said...

Me too... Facebook is good for that too! I love reading other people's thoughts and since Im not a mind reader, what better forum than the computer!