Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Friday!

I'm so happy its finally Friday. Not because I have plans or anything. Just because. And it rained alot last night. When I turned in for the night, there were soft rumbles of thunder and a beautiful lightning show. Ah, I love summer thunder storms. Well, I just like storms in general. I sat outside on the porch for a while just enjoying this brief, rare ocurrance. The neighbor's cat decided to join me. She lazily layed by my side, tail sweeping around the porch. And she likes when I give her attention and scratch her back. It was relaxing for me too.
Now, all I need to add to this story is a knitting project and some homemade chicken noodle soup, and I'm totally a throw blanket away from being a spinster! Ah, such lofty life goals.
Well, have a good weekend and have a safe Labor Day!

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Just Two Chicks said...

We're now having a cool night with sunshine since our storms have passed! I'm so loving it!! I don't have plans for the weekend I guess this is my time to read everyone's blogs about their plans. I'm not getting old though... I'll just keep telling myself that as I, like you, sit outside enjoying the cooler weather in one of the rockers we have on our back patio. :) Oh well, it's peaceful!