Friday, September 10, 2010

Listen to the Beat of the Tom Tom

Its the weekend. Again. Feels like it just creeped up. Bastard.
Well, the weather finally cleared away. Its sunny and hot again. Just a little more humid. Yuck-ness supreme.
Wow, I think I had something in mind to blog about, but *poof* it has eluded me.
Until I remember...
My dreams have been getting so damn strange lately. And me thinking they are strange is, well, it just says ALOT. The only bright side is the awesome lesbian sex dream I had last night. Otherwise, my mind has been all over the place upon entrance to Dream Land. I know Gerard Butler has been in a recent dream too...just not the lesbian sex one. That would be odd. I mean...come on. Its Gerard Butler. He's attractive but not in a If-I-See-His-Sexy-Ass-I'm-So-Gonna-Mount-Him-And-Make-Him-Cry-For-More kinda way. And that's how I roll. If you're gonna do something, better not be half-assed. Unless that's just how you feel. And secondly, he's just not a woman. It would've just been a regular sex dream, when I find the lesbian ones, well, better!
Yeah, my mind is EVERYWHERE.
I went on some errands today and noticed that alot of stores have put out Halloween stuff. I LOVE Halloween. Its just not like it used to be when I was a kid. Wow, I sound old. But seriously, it seems so different. Eh, at least I get to stuff my face with chocolate between rings of the doorbell.
And then, I think: Wow, this year has absolutely flown by.
And then I'll be another year older.

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