Thursday, March 4, 2010

Daily Double!

Ok, so this is hardly Jeopardy! But that's the most I could come up with! So, And this isn't exactly what I wanted to start with when I decided to begin talking about music. For one I'm a HUGE Ray LaMontagne fan. Seriously. His music has been a big part of my life for a few years now. I remember the first time I heard "Trouble"...I was floored.
Alas, that is not what I wanted to talk about with this post. No, that psycho in depth post will have to wait for another time.
Now, again, I'm a strange girl with (surprise!) a strange taste in I've been told. I grew being around family and friends who all had pretty much different tastes in music that have influenced me for life. My taste varies from Chopin to Simon and Garfunkel to Iron Butterfly to Barry Manilow to The Cure to Ray LaMontagne to Alison Krauss to Distrubed. I mean I pretty much listen to all types of music. With perhaps the exception of most rap, hip-hop and religious music.
And for the most part, lately I've been keeping things light playing Matt Nathanson, Missy Higgins, Matt Duke..stuff like that.
And I guess I should say that what draws me to a particular artist or song isn't just about sound. For me, it really has to be alot more. I need good lyrics (although I've been known to like stuff with stupid/cheesy lyrics) and a sense of being able to relate in some way to the song. Or it just strikes me in someway. Eh, I don't know how to describe it really and who the hell are you to judge me?? I jest!
So that brings me to the WHOLE reason I wanted to post again today. I came across this song by this band, Dommin. I haven't heard any other of their songs, therefore I cannot say that I do/don't like this band. However, I really do like this song: "My Heart, Your Hands". Of course the lyrics I thoroughly enjoy are "How can I trust you with my heart in your hands, losing your grip". Nice! And perhaps, again, I just really like the damn song! At the end of the day, that's all that matters!!

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