Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Music on a Sunny Tuesday

Ok, so there has been a song that I can't stop listening to lately. I mean its a song that has absolutely moved me. Its called "Momma Sed" by Puscifer. For those not in the know, Puscifer is yet another band fronted by one Mr. Maynard James Keenan. His other, more known, bands are Tool and A Perfect Circle (both of which I absolutely adore).
The first time I heard this song was on the "V is for Vagina" album. It was a mix that was fairly decent and really, the album artwork is...awesome!

Fun for the whole family, eh?

Sweet, eh? So, anyway, it didn't really move me. It wasn't until I heard the live version on the "C is for (Please insert sophomoric genitalia reference here)" - yes, that's really the name of the album- that I fell in love with this song. It was soft and slow and melodic. I could really hear the lyrics and it made sense. It was just a wonderfully written song that sounds so downtrodden or maybe melancholy but once you really pay attention to the lyrics its quite positive and is about moving on.

No, your eyes do not deceive you. That is indeed a roll of toilet paper with a thought bubble that says: "LOL!"
Sheer genius!

I think what really sealed the deal was when I saw Puscifer live in Phoenix, AZ in December. Hearing that song live was absolutely amazing. Words couldn't describe the atmosphere in the room at that moment. The eerie quietness of the audience and just the music filling the venue. Amazing. I think I almost cried. That song and "The Humbling River" live were just touching. Mostly the other songs are..silly to say the least but still entertaining. However, he really does strike a chord when he writes so honestly and from the heart. And I hear he makes good wine! Hmm, shamelessly promoting the guy...is this the written equivalent of going down on him??? I jest!  Anyway so I managed to find both versions of "Momma Sed" on YouTube and will post them both...now

This first video is the version that is fairly, "meh" to me. Don't get me wrong, its still kinda awesome.

This second one is the live version. Just so freakin' wonderful!
I'm done blowing him now. Ha!
But as I've mentioned before I love music and when I find something that evokes an emotional response, its 20 shades of exciting.


Laura.Lou. said...

Love that guys voice!! awesome song!

D-lite said...

Been awhile since I listened to music of that kind. I use to listen to tool everyday. Good song both versions. He is easier to understand in the second. I added them to my playlist on youtube. Thank you for sharing! =)

Velvet_Heaven said...

Yes! Maynard has a great voice!
And I'm very glad I could contribute to your playlist, D! =D