Saturday, February 19, 2011

Life and Donuts

*Sigh* Well, I know there was something "meaningful" that I had been wanting to post about and yet, it escapes me. My mind has been full and racing. Thoughts, memories and ideas constantly swirling around in my head like...brain soup. At least this one isn't edible...Or, well, I hope not. That would be kinda disgusting. Then again, any kind of brain soup isn't appetizing. Unless you're into that kinda thing.
Anyway, getting off topic, though I don't think there really is one to begin with.
I guess I just feel "off" in some way. With life right now, there is alot going on and I'm just trying to sort everything out and file it away in its proper place. I really hate clutter.
The one bright side is that the weather is getting warmer. The downside is I can't start jogging again for a couple more months. I was thinking of trying to take my yoga out to the back yard. I think some sun would do me some good. If not, at the very least I can go for walks everyday.
Until then...chocolate glazed donuts beckon me forth. Sweet chocolate pillows from heaven.


::tiff:: said...

Even better... chocolate glazed french crullers.. flaky morsels of bliss :D

Velvet_Heaven said...

I mutha fuckin' love French Crullers! This bakery in my neighborhood has the best I've ever had! And the ones I'd give up the chocolate ones for are blueberry... *drool*