Monday, February 7, 2011

Open Letter to a "Friend"

Dear "Friend",
There has been a recent upset in our relationship. I know (just about as well as anyone does) that sometimes well all go through rough times. I have called you crying and upset and asked for help/advice more times than I care to admit. You have always been there for me as I have for you. But no matter what, I have NEVER taken my anger/frustration/bad mood out on you. If I have been crabby or moody, you knew about it, but only because I told you. I choose not to show you. So when does it ever become acceptable to do that to me? I've said it before and I guess it bears repeating: You never take your shitty mood out on people you care about/love. Even if I did say something that you took the wrong way or if things were misinterpreted, try talking to me about it first before biting my head off. Nothing will piss me off faster and push me away more than misdirected anger.
And this isn't the first time you have done this. In the past I just let it slide and instead decided to let you talk it out and get to the bottom of things to help you turn it all around. I am but human and there are limits.
Another thing I do not appreciate one bit either is having things, especially past hurts and heartaches, thrown in my face. When I come to you with a problem, its in confidence, not to provide you with future ammo. Don't ever assume that I will apply any and all douchebaggery someone has done to me to all people. You have just proven that everyone is different in hurting people in different ways. And if that was just an asshole attempt in trying to make me feel just as shitty as you, congratulations! It worked. That little comment pissed me off more than you know. Your "harshness" was unwarranted, un-needed and definitely uncalled for.
So since you made things SO perfectly clear,and to answer your question, I would like to have you in my life, but on the proviso that you treat me like a human being the same as I treat you. Things get solved if you talk to me maturely instead of resorting to being an asshole. Sorry if that's too "harsh" for you.

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Trixie Racer said...

Great letter. Hopefully writing it made you feel better. Hearing the pain of your words will make me more conscious of how I am with my friends so I don't accidentally hurt them. Thank you.