Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday, Sunday...Topped with Ice Cream

Sunday, sunday, sunday. I hate Sundays.
Ok, I don't really hate Sundays, I just hate having to run errands on those days. And if I do have somewhere to go, I try to go as early as possible. I don't know why but it seems that people want to do any- and everything after church. As soon as 12pm hits, BAM!, every store, restaurant, parking lot is so crammed with people who just got out of church. I don't care that you go to church, I'm all for spirituality, I just don't like the attitudes some of these people have, like they are entitled to push passed you to grab the milk from the dairy case you just opened to get a gallon for yourself. No, I didn't JUST put my hand to take that loaf of bread from the shelf, GO AHEAD AND GRAB IT FROM ME... Its annoying. I don't get it, are all of your manners solely reserved for your morning service and once you get out, you become the Devil?
So, unfortunately, I had some errands to do and I couldn't get out until the afternoon. I'm glad to be done with it. I'm sure the people to whom I gave nasty glances and words to are happy its over too. I don't care who you are or where you've come from, rudeness from you does NOT inspire kindness in me. Thankfully, I digress...eventually.

This week, I think my cravings are slowly moving away from the Sweets food group. Although, since, its been warming up (humidly, I should add) I've been thinking about cold, creamy, soft ice cream. Mostly soft serve. I just wanna go to the ice cream shoppe and get a HUGE cone with just one big swirl of vanilla soft serve. Or maybe double dark chocolate ice cream with mini marshmallows. Yummy! I'll gladly endure a sugar-induced coma for a ton of that stuff.
I've also been wanting tacos. That craving varies from crunchy tacos from Taco Bell or even the ones from Jack-in-the-Box, to actual Mexican restaurant made-from-scratch-tortillas tacos. I want it all.
And now I'm hungry.


Just Two Chicks said...

I LOVE Jack-in-the-box tacos!! I can't eat them though... talk about a very sick stomach the next day! People are just rude in general... the kids were shocked when, one day while driving, I stated how much I disliked people. Luckily I don't seemingly put that vibe out for the world to see ;)

Asirek said...

Cool blog. I just stumbled upon it. I love ice cream fact, I named my blog after ice cream :)

Velvet_Heaven said...

I exaggerate but I think I'd die without Jack-in-the-Box tacos! The first bite into that crunchy shell and all is well! lol But I am sorry to hear that you can't eat them :( Nature is a cruel mistress...

Thank you Asirek! And welcome!