Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When a Strange Girl Has Yet Another Strange Dream

Oy vey! As if my dreams aren't enough to have me certified crazy as it is, I had, perhaps, the strangest dream last night...all without needing that XXX rating (*wink)
It started out "normal" enough. Just hanging out at a cafe with some people, chatting and having fun. Then I decided to whip out my laptop to check some email. Much to my dismay, there was an email from Mr. X (STILL annoyed that he makes random appearances in my dreams). I sigh, shrug and open the message. Slowly, intrigue turns to confusion as I make my way through the lines of type. He starts the email by apologizing for being a douchebag and mentions that he misses our friendship (blah, blah, blah) and then starts describing how he's "found" himself. He says that he's finally come to terms with his fetish for crossdressing males. He has even met and fallen in love with "Paul/Pauline". He even goes so far as to attach some lovely pictures of him and Paul/Pauline. Yes, one picture is of him and an obviously balding, older male both with goofy grins on their faces and the second picture is of him and Paul- all dolled up: Blonde curly wig, hideous blue frosted eyeshadow, nude lipstick and pink blush. The icing on the cake is the garrish 80s-style, shiny blue prom dress ensemble with black fishnet stockings and faux patent leather pumps. The cherry on top of all that goodness was Mr. X planting a huge kiss on Pauline's make-up-caked cheek.
Now, just to be clear, one of my favorite sayings and general rules of life is: To each, his own. I have been so lucky as to have been raised to be open-minded and accepting of people who are different from me. And I am. I love diversity. It makes the world go 'round. I just think that in the dream it was shocking and funny to see that just because it came out of nowhere. It was completely random and what would've been the point? Like he thought by sending me that it would be a shock? I don't care. Whatever floats your boat, makes you happy, completes you. All that jazz.
And really, why the hell would my mind decide to play that card? There had been times that I wondered if Mr. X was gay, but again, I wouldn't have cared.
Maybe it was my brain's way of joking with me, as if to say, "Ha ha! Bitch, you have NO control over me! I do what I want!" Maybe it was just comic relief especially after the last few days I've been having. Who knows at this point. It was definitely different from the other dreams I've had featuring Mr. X (a.k.a Douchey).
On a completely different note, apparently we are to going to get yet another round of "Winter Weather" here in good ol' South Texas. Hot cocoa with mini-marshmallows are a-callin' my name!
Lets see what picture-show awaits me after I drift off to slumber tonight!

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