Sunday, September 4, 2011

Forever My...Dancing Partner

Ok. I was planning on taking the day off from blogging just because I've been so tired lately and was hoping to rest today.
Of course nothing goes as planned!
Last night after posting here, while waiting for my friend to pick me up, I recieved a text from Sweetness. He was out with a couple of his buddies. He wanted to call me, so I said he could. We talked for maybe five minutes. He basically said he wanted to connect with me and we caught up on eachother's day. Cute. I loved it.
I went out, I had fun, I came home beyond exhausted. I dropped into bed and was out for a bit. When I awoke I had 2 texts from Sweetness. He was asking how I was doing and then asked if I was there (because I didn't respond). Usually he won't press, he'll just say "Ok, baby, sweet dreams". So the second text was a bit worrisome. Since it had only been an hour since he sent them, I responded. He replied that he couldn't sleep. I thought it was another caffeine binge he went on that kept him awake. But I told him if he wanted to talk, I was available. He didn't respond until around 7am. Instead of his usual "Good morning!" text, he just said, "I'm sorry for interrupting your night." Thats when I knew something was up. The rest basically went like this:

Me: are you ok?
Sweetness: Yes n no
Me: whats up?
Sweetness: I feel like I'm missing you.
 Me: What do you mean?
Sweetness: I feel like a part of me (you) is missing.

That really made me feel...confused, excited, many things at once.
He said that he was out with his friends having such a great time but when he saw this couple dancing he felt like he wanted someone to dance with.

Sweetness: Only I knew only one person I wanted to be my dancing partner. You. I'm falling in love with you.

I sat there stunned for what felt like forever. But I told him that he already knew how I felt. It hasn't changed. I just asked if this was what he wanted. He assured me it was. We chatted for a bit longer until he realized the time and knew he needed to be getting ready for work. 

Sweetness: Will you be my dancing partner?
Me: Yes...even if you step on my toes sometimes, it'd be worth it just to be in your arms.
Sweetness: I think we shall dance perfectly togeher. We already do.

So, yeah... That really happened. I feel weird for sharing such a personal exchange but I didn't know how else to explain what happened or why I'm so excited by it. Over the moon excited. At this point I had stopped expecting anything other than our friendship to continue. I'm happy to see what happens. I'm still at a loss for words...


Just Two Chicks said...

Yay! I'm so happy things are working out for you. You deserve it for sure!! Please keep sharing :)

I love, love, love Ray LaMontagne!!

Velvet_Heaven said...

Thank you!!
And I absolutely ADORE Ray LaMontagne! He's been a favorite of mine for quite some time.