Friday, September 2, 2011

Get Up and Dance

As promised here is the second post of the night. When I'm feeling particularly stressed or need to unwind, I like to play music with a beat that'll get me moving. Next thing I know, I'm so into dancing around like a blissful fool, that I've forgotten (even if only temporarily) what I was so worried about.
I've noticed lately that alot of those whose blog(s) I follow have mentioned being so tense or something of that nature. I've been there alot as of late, too.
So, come on! Shake it! Don't worry if anyone is watching and if they are, who cares what they think!?


Have a good night, people! I know I will as I'm off to have mountainous fun with another girls' night out! Drinks and Dancing!

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Just Two Chicks said...

Woohoo! I hope you had a great time! You're right.. I love listening to music that gets me moving when I'm tense. The slow stuff doesn't do it for me nearly as well as the fast and loud!