Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lightning and Chopin

Tonight is another beautiful night that began with a cool breeze and a lightning storm in the nighttime sky. It has now grown into a full downpour. I love it. I had just decided to relax with a glass of wine and my Classical music mix- starting with my favorite Chopin piece.

Today was a great day. I spent most of it talking to Sweetness. He was laid up in bed on his day off from work. He played basketball with a friend yesterday and overworked his legs. He said he wound up getting a pretty bad charlie horse and woke up rather sore. He said he was so happy to be laying there talking to me, wishing I was next to him. He apologized again for everything that happened. This morning I actually woke up to find an email from him, apparently sent after the consumption of almost a whole bottle of wine with his dinner. In it he said that he needed to tell me just how in love with me he is and that he realizes now that he needs me. He can't live without me now, even if he wanted to. It was incredibly endearing and I really could tell he was a little drunk. Even inebriated, at least he was considerate enough to email me instead of sending a text. My full-night's sleep thanks him.

Then we got on the topic of moving in together. We're still making plans for it- we need to both be financially ready, not just emotionally/mentally. Especially since apparently he plans on being with me for a "looooooong time" (his words). He laughed at the fact that I am the only woman he's ever wanted to live with . He lived with one of his exes before (they were together for 7 years), but they were somewhat forced into it. And with his last girlfriend, he turned down the offer of them living together. For a while now, he's been wanting to live with me. To him, it just felt/feels right to have me close. I like that.

Now, I'm just trying to get everything else in my life straightened out so that he and I can start a life together to see where it goes.

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