Monday, August 1, 2011

Setting Crazy to Sound

Ok, sooo I'm taking a break (gasp) from talking about the mess that is my life. I know, I know, crazy! I'm just trying to preserve my sanity and I really wanna make it work (or see if it works).
Instead this week, I think I'll talk about music. I does play a HUGE part of my life. Maybe I'll make it a more regular thing to include music in the blog. I'm thinking a theme week here. Probably female musicians that I simply cannot get enough of!
Adele is an AMAZING artist whose talent is endless. She's got lots of soul and knows how to bring it with every song she sings. Its crazy that she suffers from stage fright! You'd never really guess. Love, love, love her! These are my two favorite songs. Rolling in the Deep from her album "21" and her cover of "Make You Feel My Love"


Just Two Chicks said...

I love Adele too! I tried to get tickets to her concert here, but it was sold out as soon as I was able to get signed on :( You should see if you like Melissa McClelland. The thing with her is some of her YouTube videos aren't as great as her cd... Her songs are all different too. My favorites: Passenger 24 and God Loves Me. :)

Velvet_Heaven said...

Oooh! Thanks for the recommendation! I'll definitely have to check her out!
I'd die to see her in concert, so I understand your frustration there!