Thursday, August 11, 2011

When Crazy Goes Out for Crazy Fun

Ahh so for me, these last couple of days has been...wonderful. Things are calm and I've been happy. I'm not stressing about anything. Last night was amazing. Went out to hang with some friends and it was beyond the greatest time ever. Lots of laughs, lots of love, lots of vodka. What more could a girl ask for?? Oh! Lots of food afterwards at our fave 24 hour diner. LOVED IT!!!
Tonight makes for round #2. I'm blogging as I'm waiting for my buddy to pick me up. That's right folks, I DO NOT drink and drive. Period. Please, a round of applause for designated drivers! Not that I'm going to get fall-on-my-ass drunk or anything, just like to be safe. In the words of Julia Roberts' character in Pretty Woman: "I'm a safety girl".
Here is one of my favorite "Girls Night Out" songs. Although, technically I'm not in a relationship, it still works :)


screamingnspace said...

love it! makes me so jealous i don't have any girl friends in town anymore!

Just Two Chicks said...

Oh I am so glad to read that you don't drink and drive!!! I lost someone very important to me recently due to her own act of drunk driving... she was near your age, so full of life and love... but hurting over a breakup and drinking like a fool. I'm glad you're happy and enjoying yourself. Life is way too short not to. :) I like vodka!... and rum, and and and... well... I love my mixed drinks :)
Have a great weekend!

Velvet_Heaven said...

@screamingspace Oh my, I so rarely see my friends lately as it is, it feels like they live elsewhere, so I can kinda relate :/

@Just Two Chicks I have lost a couple of friends as well to driving under the influence, even one in high school. Its a fate I'd rather not befall.
But fun and mixed drinks are the best parts of being a girl! ;)