Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Week in Music Day 2

So as to continue with my week of music, I want to share two of my absolute favorite Amy Winehouse songs. Its still surreal to me that she's no longer here to grace us with her amazing and never-to-be-matched-again talent. No matter the cause of her death, its still deeply saddening that she and I were the same age. I felt old before but now, I look at her and think 'Wow, she was so young'. It made me realize that I, too, am young. I have my whole life ahead of me yet and it can be taken as quickly as it was given. Live a life that's proactive, not reactive, right? There are many lessons to be learned here. I hope her situation can be a wake-up call to others. Help is ALWAYS available.
I now hop off my soap box and end the PSA to share my two favorite songs. These are not just lyrical genius, but so well sung and with such passion and intensity that even if you can't relate, you still feel it.

*as a general disclaimer, I do not own the rights to these songs or any previous or future posts.

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Just Two Chicks said...

Ha! I love the disclaimer!

Do you think her talent was enhanced by her suffering? I mean you can literally feel her songs... because she felt them.

Oh and by the way... you ARE young and you do have a whole life to live!! Make the little things count :)