Saturday, August 27, 2011

When Heat Meets My Skin and Texts Meet My Eyes All Echoing Around Bloodstream

Oh today has been soooooo very interesting! I love it...well, except the heat. It was incredibly, unbearably hot today. When faced with having to be outside, I could feel the beads of sweat beginning to gather at the nape of my neck and slowly trickle down passed my shoulders, follwing the trail of my spine to their final resting place that is the small of my back....and this all occurred within 5 minutes!! Checking the mail has never been so sensual!

Annnnnd today I received a text from Sweetness as he awoke to get ready for work. I think it was the longest message I've ever gotten...
Basically he said that he believes we are very connected and have something special. He mentioned several times that he loves me. He thinks we should be happy and live for right now with what we feel for eachother. And although his last relationship was devastating and as a result wanted to never put anyone else before him, he realized I am so amazing and wonderful that he can't have anyone else get in the way of us.
This was after a convo last night saying that he felt for all we've been through, we were closer and that there was more of an "us" than ever before. Also that we are "more serious".
I can't predict the future but I'm happy to go with the flow for right now. It kinda feels very "When Harry Met Sally". We've been friends for a while and never thought anything other than friendship would ever bloom. And its been a struggle. OBVIOUSLY! We'll see what happens from here.

I couldn't decide which version of the song I'd like to post, so I put them both. I really love the acoustic version though!


Just Two Chicks said...

Yay! I think going with the moment isn't a bad idea! Life is too short to spend time worrying about the what ifs and waiting for the other shoe to drop. I really hope he does the right thing, because you deserve it!!

Anonymous said...

This song is so sexy and alluring!

Velvet_Heaven said...

Thank you! I agree that life is much too short for all that. Best to keep it as simple as possible! :)

@Just Me- It indeed is very much sexy and alluring. Its always amazing when a song can convey emotion not just with lyrics but with the actual sound of it as well.