Monday, August 8, 2011

When My Brain Takes a Breather

After my last post, I've been having trouble thinking of something to blog about. I have felt so much better just letting go of everything from my past relationships. I know with my current situation we do have our ups and downs and at times we are both scared of what this is and where its going. Maybe it shouldn't be like that, but aside from it all, for me anyway, there is still something about it that feels so right.


Just Two Chicks said...

Do you know, a song popped on Pandora on our drive to Mississippi, and I thought of you! I'm sure you already know it, but my knowledge of music has decreased a LOT this year.It was by "A Fine Frenzy..." love her voice, and the name of the song was "Almost Lover." It sounded kind of like what you've been going through... BUT, it sounds like you're enjoying life and for that I am happy!!

Velvet_Heaven said...

Oh yes I know that heart! I actually posted the video for it here (I have no idea how to insert links into my comments :/):

And yes, I am enjoying life and have decided to let this situation be what it is. If its meant to be or not, things will fall into place the way they should.